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Best Possible Ways to Retain Hair Moisture

Having to deal with dry, tangled up hair is one of the most overwhelming situations. You might love your natural hair but the fact that it is continuously dry and tangled, you refrain from it and continue with protective styling. Dry hair can be the cause of many other problems to your natural hair, and the best way to handle it is to ensure that you find ways to help your hair retain moisture. There are particular reasons why your hair might not be retaining moisture longer, which means apart from using the best moisturizing shampoo; you have a load of other things to do.

Ways to Retain Hair Moisture

Having dry hair is not the end of your natural hair journey, not at all. There are things that you can do to increase your hair’s ability to retain moisture and stay soft. Here is a list of things to do to combat that dry hair:-

Hair Heat Treatments

Among the top reasons for dry hair, heat treatments top the list. Constant use of blow dryers, curling irons, hot rollers, and flat irons strips off the moisture in every strand of your hair leaving it dry. The solution to this problem is pretty much within your reach, avoid heat treatments as much as possible. Although they make your hair look great, they do a lot of damage to your hair that not even the best moisturizing oils can revert.

Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning your natural hair is one of the most important things you can do for it. You have a leave-in conditioning regimen in which you should always ensure you are using the best moisture conditioner in. Deep conditioning comes right after. It is one of the surest ways in moisturizing your hair and helping it retain the moisture. Try using a natural deep conditioner that does not contain Sulfates, Parabens, Triclosan and Polyethylene Glycol. These substances are harmful to your hair, and they might cause more damage to it. After applying the deep-conditioner, let it stay in the hair for about one hour or so before rinsing it out. In extreme cases where the hair is very dry, let the deep-conditioner stay overnight, and you will see the results.

Sleep Regimen

The biggest mistake naturalists do neglect their hair at night. Even after using the best hair products, one must take good care of the hair at night. This means having a sleep or night hair regimen. The first thing to do is to verify that your hair is well moisturized before going to bed. Secondly, hold the hair in a position that no matter how you sleep, it won’t tangle up. Lastly, never use a cotton head-wrap to protect your hair at night because it strips away all the products leaving it dry and tangled. Instead, go for a silk head-wrap or a satin bonnet. Both of these will not only protect your hair at night but also maintain the moisture in it.

Extreme Weather

Yes, severe weather is your hair’s first enemy. After washing your hair with the best moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, you still need to do more. During winter or summer, the weather might be too extreme for your hair, and thus you need to protect it. The sun strips away moisture from your hair when it is too hot. The cold, on the other hand, is known to make your hair strands dry even after using some of the best products. Try wearing a cute hat or head-wrap when heading out during the extreme weather. The UV protection is also another option when it comes to protecting your hair against the sun.

Chemical Treatments

Did you know that chemical treatments make damages your hair in the worst possible ways? You might be using the best moisture conditioner, shampoo, and even deep conditioner but chemical treatments will still damage your hair. Hair color, perms, relaxers, chemical smoothers, and highlights are all bad for your natural hair. Chemical treatments are the root cause of your dry hair, and you should consider stopping them at once. But if you still feel that you need the occasional hair color, try ammonia-free hair color. Avoiding chemical treatments is always the best option, and you can try exploring non-chemical methods of straightening your hair.

Good Hair Brushes

Any type of hair is delicate which is why you should always go for the best hair products. A bad brush can damage your ends and strands which leads to dry, damaged hair. You should have various combs and brushes in your natural hair cabinet to take care of all your brushing needs. Avoid brushing wet hair since it might tangle up which no one wants. Always use a wide toothed comb when combing your hair. Start from the ends as you go up, this method is swift, and your hair stays well moisturized. Always have a boar bristle brush since it works efficiently in distributing natural oils to every strand of your hair. Add paragraph text here.


You might have the best moisturizing shampoo or even the best products, but if you don’t take good care of your hair, it is all in vain. To have well-moisturized hair, you must have daily and weekly routines for your hair. This way, you will pay enough attention to it, and you won’t have to deal with dry damaged hair ever.

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